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Welcome to the world of Acquaroma, a journey born from passion and experience in the beverage industry. Our mission was born from the idea of offering a healthy alternative to sugary and caloric beverages, proposing a nutritious and environmentally friendly solution. After years of research and study, we have responded to market needs with an innovative proposal: natural flavors, free of sugar and calories. Discover our commitment to wellness and the environment, and join us on this journey to healthier and more sustainable hydration.

They say about us

"Acquaroma has transformed the way I hydrate: natural flavors and the convenience of the 'SQUEEZE' dispenser cap, easy to always have the right taste!"

— Andrea F.

"Acquaroma has revolutionized my hydration experience with their irresistible flavors. Every sip is a pleasure!"

— Sara M.

"A true companion to a healthier and tastier life!"

— Mara C.


Drink more

The irresistible and satisfying taste of Acquaroma makes hydration a pleasant and uncompromising experience, making water consumption easier.

Reducing plastic

A vial of Acquaroma allows you to add flavor to your water while saving as many as 24 plastic bottles.


We are proud to declare that our first two ingredients are the very ones that give our company its name: Water and Aroma