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ACQUAROMA FIRENZE (mint flavour)

Liquid and instant natural aroma with mint flavour that gives taste to your water without the addition of sweeteners, calories and dyes.

Acquaroma FIRENZE is the best ally for achieving your hydration goals because it encourages you to drink more water, transforming it into a tasty and at the same time healthy drink.

Give flavour to your water with a SQUEEZE of Acquaroma natural flavours and discover all the pleasure of hydration.

Ingredients: Water, natural flavours (mint), acidifier: citric acid; preservative: potassium sorbate.


The convenient 48ml Acquaroma bottle to carry with you at all times! Sculpt it in 3D and augmented reality from smartphones and tablets!

Mode of use


Squeeze (2 ml of product) in 500 ml of water and enjoy your refreshing drink immediately.


The taste is adjustable and adaptable to your needs.
You can decide whether to use it in a glass, jug or water bottle.
More squeeze = more taste!


Frequently asked questions

How much water should be used?

For an optimal taste experience, we recommend adding one SQUEEZE (about 2 milliliters) of Acquaroma to a 500ml bottle of water. The flavor is fully customizable, adapting perfectly to your preferences. Choose whether to use it in a glass, carafe, bottle, or water bottle.

Does the product have an expiration date?

Our products, being natural flavors free of artificial preservatives, have a limited shelf life. However, we strive to ensure that each package maintains its quality for at least 5 months from the date of production. Once opened, we recommend that you consume the product within 30 days to ensure freshness and the full flavor experience. The expiration date is printed on the bottom of the bottle for your convenience.

Does the product contain dyes, sweeteners, or sugars?
  • Acquaroma does not contain sugar
  • Acquaroma contains no dyes
  • Acquaroma is free of sweeteners
How many calories does the product have?

The product is calorie-free.

How long should one wait after pouring the product into the water?

It is an instant natural flavor! Without waiting, you can drink it immediately after dilution.

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Ottimo prodotto

Ottimo prodotto, consigliato per chi beve poca acqua, comodo e pratico